New Media Gear 013: Charles McFall, Co-host “Success Freaks”

New Media Gear 013: Charles McFall, Co-host “Success Freaks”

Success freaks

Since its inception in 2011, The Other Side of LIVE! (TOSOL) has lived up to its hype as a comedic motivational talk show. A two-year Podcast Award nominee, TOSOL entertains & edifies with its hosts’ captivating sense of humor and positive, thought-provoking content. With the show’s theme of “helping others be awesome,” TOSOL covers everything from branding your passion to dealing with death to surviving bullies. TOSOL’s R. Mordant Mahon & Charles McFall succeed in giving both mind & spirit something to chew on while putting enough laughter in your heart to make you smile out loud.
Charles shares his New Media Gear with us in this issue of New Media Gear. 

New Media Equipment:


If you have any questions about Charles’ podcasting equipment, please drop them in the comments or in the Facebook Podcasting Community.

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