New Media Gear 19: Premium microphone power supply with 9v power

New Media Gear 19: Premium microphone power supply with 9v power

Last week I posted a call for recommendations/answers for connecting my existing set of laveliere mics to my new camcorder (mentioned in last week’s New Media Gear post). While my Zoom H2 has a Plug-In Power mode, which boosts the signal from these mics, the camcorder does not provide this power and the mics did not work. Since I had purchased this camcorder specially because it had an external mic input, I needed to find the proper way to boost this signal without adding any noise.

Lav mic power

Sound Professionals: Premium microphone power supply with 9v power

My audio expert friend, Michael, led me to this microphone power supply/pre-amp and it appears to work very well. Connecting this between the mics and the camcorder powers the mic and posts the signal properly and with very little noise.

This will now allow me to record lav mic audio directly to the camera, removing the need to record on an external recorder and sync the audio during the editing process. This sync isn’t really difficult, but it does make for extra work if it really isn’t necessary for the project.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I was looking for something awhile back that could raise the output of a headset mic to line level but didn’t find anything. This might actually do the trick.

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