Doing work, making videos or both. It can be hard to decide – End of the Day for June 20, 2014

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I was listening to one of my favorite Minecraft YouTubers today, KurtJMac of Far Lands or Bust and he answered a question today about how much he plays video games for fun, now that he does it for a living. He gave a very frank answer and I have had very similar thoughts myself.


Kurt feels, as I often do, that he can’t simply do something unless he takes the time to record it, so he rarely plays unless he is recording and commentating. If I am planting or building something in the garden, I feel like I should be recording it for sharing on my own YouTube channel. You never know when something interesting might happen, so I often find myself postponing stuff until I can get the camera rolling. This often means, though, that I procrastinate much too long on some projects and tasks.

I haven 5 episodes of my own Minecraft series recorded, but time constraints and the need to plan an record sessions sometimes prevents me from recording more episodes in that series. Despite the fact that the series did have viewers, it always seems to be a lower priority than the other series I create.

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It is a hard line to walk and everyone who does any sort of YouTube video or podcasting has to find their own path. I know I haven’t yet found my own way completely here, but I am trying. I sometimes wonder if something like Google Glass would make it easier to record stuff constantly, so I wouldn’t have to worry about setting up the camera and microphone each time I want to record something. I could always be recording and then pull out the parts I wish later.

Today I received an avocado seedling from a friend and would have liked to record as I transplanted it. It was more important I got the task completed though, than recording it, so while the task done, I didn’t get to share it with my viewers. Hrrmph!

I’m sure I eventually figure out some sort of answer to this question as I move forward, but at least I get a little solace from the fact that even popular YouTubers like Kurt are still trying to find a solution, too.


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