Finding your rhythm – End of the Day for June 18, 2014

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Whenever there is a perturbation in your schedule, it can be can be a little difficult to find your rhythm. My sleep cycle has been off a but lately, settling into my previous pattern going to bed at 1am and getting up…well…whenever I feel like it. I still have the same number of awake hours in my day, but my schedule stops matching up well with Rosanne and that means fewer waking hours together.

Maybe it is just the longer days and comfortable temperatures of the Summer, but we have also been going out to events more, since there are simply more possible events to attend. This can keep us out until 11 or so and then I need a certain amount of “unwind” time to actually get sleepy. I’m sure I’ll find my rhythm again, but it is a bit disconcerting to be out of whack right now. Before too long, Rosanne will be starting her Summer School schedule and that will require an entirely new set of adjustments. She is working 4-10p, 3 nights a week, which is something she has never done before. That leaves Joe and I on our own these nights, with Rosanne returning at a time when she is normally heading off to sleep/

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As we always do, though, we will find our new rhythm again. it is all about adjusting the small things around the new schedule. As I was writing just now, it occurred to me that we will have to make sure Rosanne has a decent dinner which she can take with her each evening, so she can eat between classes. I’ll have to put a bit more thought into our meal plans during that time, so I can give her something that can be easily reheated and still taste decent. I don’t want to add poor meals on top of her busy schedule.

Of course, before we know it, we will be running down the end of summer and ramping up for the new school year. Summer study packets are already being downloaded from the school web site and, in some cases, we are seeing events being scheduled or next Fall. In some ways, it is good to know that these events are coming and in others it seems too soon to be contemplating them. That said, into our calendar they go, to make sure we don’t schedule something on top of them.

Whenever you are faced with changes in your life, look for the new rhythm. Maybe you were playing in 4/4 time, but the next few months will be a 3/4 time waltz. Trying to dance to one rhythm when faced with another is folly. Find the beat and dance to the music that is around you.


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