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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Catalog: Garden Shed

Garden Shed Catalog

I was poking around in the Google Catalog Search last night and came across this catalog (although it looks more like a magazine) from Garden Shed. Even though it is an old catalog (2001) it contains some nice content and great photographs. I am always amazed at what I can glean, even from the oldest gardening books and magazines. In the computer world (where I do my work) a magazine is out of date usually before it even hits the newsstand. It is good to see something can hold its value a little longer.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I HAVE to garden a little!

A busy work week has kept me out of the garden for most of the week, but today, as I brought in the trash bins, I picked up the rake that my wife had left and raked all the leaves out of 1/2 of the long bed south fence. It certainly wan't much, but it was something. Sometimes I have to take the little successes where I can find them.

This area hasn't been mulched in a while and is in need of additional TLC. The shade here has deepened and that is really stressing the shrubs. I need to find some more shade tolerent varieties and get them into the ground. Otherwise, this part of the garden is going to look a little nare when it comes time for our annual summer music party.

The new trellis project moves on apace. We are getting some further material costs and it looks like I am simply going to pay my (more knowledgeable) friends to come and isntall it. I will help out where I can, but setting posts, etc. is beyond my skill set. I will probably start to dismantle the existing trellis as soon as I know we are "Go" for a specific date.

More rain expected this weekend, which is a very good thing. We need to give the garden all the help will can to see if through the long dry summer to come. Even though we have had some rain, a small wildfire cropped up near Chatsworth last week, showing just how dry everything still is.