Top 20 Blog Posts for 2013 from Careers in New Media


Looking back over my stats, like a lot of folks today, I see that these were the Top 20 blog posts on Careers in New Media for 2013

  1. What do you need to live video stream your event?
  2. 10 Tips for better Skype Audio and Video Calls
  3. Tread carefully when editing WordPress themes (and how to recover when things go awry)
  4. New Media Gear 015: Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone
  5. Real World Example: Moving to a new podcasting web host and why
  6. Apple podcasting changes cause problems with GoDaddy-hosted podcasts
  7. Subscribed 015: Vintage Beef – Gaming Let’s Play and More!
  8. Feedburner Email Subscriptions
  9. New “Interactive Transcript” button appears on YouTube videos
  10. New Media Gear 010: Brian Herbert of the Indy Autographs Podcast and Hoosier State Sports Show
  11. New Media Gear 018: Canon VIXIA HF R400 HD 53x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom Camcorder and 3.0 Touch LCD
  12. Subscribed 38: EthosLab – Minecraft Done Technical
  13. Subscribed 023: Cooking Stoned with James Stone
  14. Subscribed 019: Building with BDoubleO
  15. Subscribed 021: Make Magazine, Make Blog, YouTube, Podcasts
  16. New Media Gear 21: Fancierstudio 3000 Watt Digital Video Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit
  17. Audio: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol read by the Podcast Community on Facebook
  18. News: Update Powerpress WordPress/Podcasting Plugin ASAP
  19. New Media Vocabulary: Pageview(s)
  20. New Media Vocabulary: WordPress

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