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If you use Google’s Feedburner service for managing the RSS feeds for your blogs and podcasts, you may, or may not, know that Feedburner also provides email subscriptions to your RSS feeds. Some people prefer email to RSS, so they might be more comfortable receiving your blog updates in their inbox.

You can turn on the Email subscription feature for your Feedburner feed by logging into your account and then clicking on the Publicize tab. In the left-hand column, you will then see the Email Subscriptions link. Click that link and 4 sub-topics will appear.

The Subscription Management link allows you to grab the code for an HTML form that you can embed in your blog to allow users to subscribe with one click. You will also find a listing of those people currently subscribed to your RSS feed via email. The Save button at the bottom will activate the service, if it isn’t already and save any settings you might change.

The Communication Preferences link allows you to see and edit the messages sent to those people who subscribe via email. You can change the text of the welcome message, including whatever information you would like them to have.

The Email Branding link provides access to the standard subject line, blog artwork and styling of the email sent to your subscribers.

This review of the email subscription features was driven by an email I received from a subscriber noting the small font size of the messages they were receiving. I hadn’t realized it, but the font size of the message in this section had been set to 9 point, much too small for the average reader. A quick change here solved the problem for everyone receiving these emails.

The final link, Delivery Options, allows you to set your time zone and the time of day when you would like your email updates to be delivered to your subscribers. Mine are scheduled to be sent between 7am-9am Pacific Time.

Readers will consume your web content in any number of ways, so providing alternative methods, like email subscriptions can help you add to your subscribers as well as capturing email information about your users — something that is nearly impossible using RSS feeds alone. If you haven’t checked your Feedburner Email Subscription settings recently, check it out. You might be pleasantly surprised at their usefulness.

21 thoughts on “Feedburner Email Subscriptions

  1. Please… please…

    could you please inform me how did you change the font size of the email text that feedburner delivers in your subscribers inbox??


  2. OK man, finally i read again and again your post and i discovered that setting in feedburner to fix my issue.

    Thanks again!

  3. We have subscribers but they do not seem to be getting notification of posts. Is there a way I can test to see if all is in order? All buttons indicate Active.

  4. I have the same problem as Dan Earle. Feedburner says the Email Subscription is active but subscribers are not getting update. I myself subscribed to my feed using another email and updates are not showing. Do you have any idea what is the error? Many thanks for your help.

  5. I have moved away from using Feedburner for my feeds now that I can host them locally using the Powerpress plugin. This doesn’t give me email delivery, though. Thinking back, I don’t think I have received an email update from one of my feeds recently, so it could be the system is down. Despite its benefits, Google has not been veryh good at providing any sort of support for its products when there are problems.

  6. Daily on my website 1000-1500 people visit and manually type in there Feedburner Email Subscriptions and also I have to type capcther. and to type 1500 email id is a pain is there any automatic way that I can import the email list and automatic Email Subscriptions all the user ..

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  9. I am e-mail subscribed to many blogs via Feed Burner but am not getting the updates. I cannot seem to find a list anywhere on the FeedBurner of the blogs to which I subscribe via email

  10. Feedburner seems to have regular trouble with the email delivery feature. I am subscribed to my own blogs and seem to get things regularly, but I do see comments from others that things are not working perfectly.

    You are also right in that I don’t know of any one place to see which Feeburner feeds you might be subscribed to via email. I stopped using Feedburner for my main podcasting feeds a while ago as the service just didn’t seem to be getting any attention. It seems to be ignore now that Google purchased them.

  11. Once my subscribers enter their email address, a verification email is sent to them. Then once they verify, an “Email Verification Confirmed” message pops up. How do I edit the text in that email? I want to include a link to an incentive there.

  12. Nathan, It doesn’t appear that you can alter the text of the verification confirmation message.

    I only see (in the Publicize Tab, Email Subscriptions, Communication Preferences) the option to modify/extend the initial confirmation message sent to the user which asks them to verify their email.

  13. Am I ever frustrated! My feedburner email subscriber’s are not receiving new post notifications.
    I recently changed the name of my blog and updated it with feedburner. It said it was successful, but no one is receiving my posts!
    I have searched and searched for an answer and cannot find one. Is it possible that I need to remove the feedburner link from my sidebar and re-install a new one? What can I do?
    I am desperate and not extremely knowledgeable with the confusing info. found on feedburner and there is no way to get an answer there!

  14. comprei plantas x zunbis e meu filho não esta mais conseguindo abrir aparece natela erro de version. Poderiam me ajudar ? O meu é windows 8.

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