News: Update Powerpress WordPress/Podcasting Plugin ASAP

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It looks like there was a security problem with one of the audio players used by the PowerPress WordPress plugin that many podcasters use on their sites. There is an update waiting and Blubrry says “Everyone is strongly encouraged to update their copy of PowerPress immediately!”

Taking their advice, I have done just that on all my WordPress blogs and you should too. Visit your WordPress Dashboard to perform the quick update.

Here is a snippet from the PowerPress Changelog for this version… 

Powerpress 4.0.6

  • Released on 1/23/2013
  • Everyone is strongly encouraged to update their copy of PowerPress immediately!
  • Due to concerns of possible security exploits, the 1 Pixel Out Audio Player has been removed from PowerPress. Learn More
  • Notices added in both the WP dashboard and in the Audio player settings page that the 1 Pixel Out player has been removed.
  • If you’ve configured your web site with the 1 Pixel Out Audio Player, Flow Player Classic will be used. Go to the PowerPress > Audio Player settings page to change this player if you like.


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