Subscribed 019: Building with BDoubleO

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Subscribed 019: Building with BDoubleO

Build bdubs 

This is another one of my Minecraft (and other gaming) subscriptions. BDoubleO (John) is a member of the same Mindcrack server as Vintage Beef, KurtJMac, and PaulSoaresJr, mentioned earlier in this series. He is very funny, highly personable, and also great at sharing his experiences of transitioning from his previous contracting job to a full-time YouTube producer. Not only do I enjoy his Minecraft videos, but I have also learned a lot about how to manage and fill a profitable YouTube Channel.

BDubs has several series currently in production including Building with BDoubleO, Mindcrack Server and Feed the Beast (with all his fellow MindCrack members) and, for those not interested in Minecraft, Race to Commander :: B-Team Black Ops II and NBA 2K12 Season 2. John’s collaborations with recent Mindcrack addition, GenerikBB are greatly entertaining and I always look forward to those special B-Team episodes.

Finally, BDoubleO also holds regular live streams, Cocktail Tuesdays, where he interacts life with his audience while playing a variety of games. Between the building, the talking the fighting and the playing, BDoubleO presents an excellent and entertaining channel.

Link: BDoubleO on YouTube

Link: BDoubleO on Twitter

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