New Media Vocabulary: Pageview(s)

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New Media Vocabulary: Pageviews(s)

Pageviews is another important statistic for web site owners and content producers. A pageview is counted whenever a user, or external program, loads an HTML page on your site. This page can contain many linked items, including graphics, each which generates a web “hit”. Pageview has become a more important metric than hits due to the fact that one page view can generate many hits, but pages can be loaded with extraneous content in order to increase the quantity of hits a web site reports. Today, many web sites earning income from the content they provide will often split longer material over many pages in an effort to generate more pageviews and ad impressions, both which can result in higher earnings.

Due to recent advances in web technologies, though, pages can be designed to update automatically without requiring a complete reload of the page. Pages that use technologies like AJAX might have much lower page views than other traditional HTML pages on a site.

Pageviews can also be counted for information other than HTML pages including PDF files and other document types.

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