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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What I'm Reading...

Elsewhere Online: Fordhall Farm Lives

An inspiring tale of how a brother and sister saved the organic Fordhall Farm in the UK, by selling shares to interested parties. After the loss of a major community garden here in Los Angeles, this is heartening news.

The lessons to be learned here, and from other allotment troubles, is to seek, at the beginning, set legal rights to the land that will be used. The gardens here in Los Angeles remained the property of the owner and were subject to their whim. In fact, in the end, the owners actions turned punitive when they continued to ask for more and more money to sell the property even when they had no intention of selling, to the city, at any price.

Fordhall Farm Lives

Last month Los Angeles' South Central community farm was bulldozed. A scenario that was depressing for many, as this was an icon of local food harvesting, right where the people wanted it. A remarkably parallel battle has been underway in the UK. Fordhall Farm one of the oldest organic farms in Britain was on the chopping block. We covered the story before, here and here. ...

(Via Treehugger.)

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