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The Earth Minute

Explore, experience, reflect on the Earth’s diversity. Take a minute to change your view of the world.

The earth minute

This blog (The Earth Minute)  and YouTube Channel from my friends, Keri Dearborn and Michael Lawshe is all about giving you a minute of some special spot on this planet. Keri is a naturalist and Michael is a professional audio editor, so together they are starting to create some special moments. Among there first photo and video montages are whales off the coast of Alaska, Bewick’s Wrens building a nest and Green Tree Ants from Queensland, Australia. I am looking forward to more Earth Minutes from them in the coming weeks. We are going on a trip to Santa Cruz Island tomorrow to see the Channel Island Fox (our second trip), so I am sure that there will be scenes from the island on the channel soon.

Keri also writes the Animalbytes blog where you can find even more information on our planet and everything that lives here.

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