Subscribed 026: Peter Lythgoe of the Zzipp & Co Podcast

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Peter Lythgoe of the Zzipp & Co Podcast


I have been highlighting Peter in many ways lately, including an interview with him about the reality of being a local podcaster and an account of his New Media Gear. Peter’s podcast and videos allow me to enjoy the south coast of England vicariously. I am itching to return to the UK again, but it is an expensive and time consuming trip. Still, when I of visit again, I am sure to look up Peter and perhaps take him out for a pint at the local.

Foremost among Peter’s channel are his regular interviews with authors who are giving readings in the Weymouth area. These are wonderful as I hear from authors I might not otherwise learn about and they also provide a great service to the authors and Peter’s community. The Zzipp & Co podcast and YouTube Channel give you a taste of the UK and also a taste of what local podcasting can do for each community,

Link: Peter Lythgoe of the Zzipp & Co Podcast

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