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Feed a cold. Starve a fever and get the #@%^Q@$ out of my head! — End of the Day for February 28, 2014

February 28th, 2014 Comments off

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Yes, just like many of you, I have a cold. Blah. Blah! BLAH! Joe was out of school on Monday, IIRC, and last night I started to feel the telltale tickle in my throat. That kept me from sleeping very well overnight, but thankfully I didn’t feel totally lousy, as I often do when I catch a cold. I stayed in my pajamas all day, wrapped in my robe, listened to the sometimes heavy rain on the roof and watched the back patio flood several times. That is always my judge on how heavy it is raining. Normal steady showers don’t cause cause much backup, but when it gets really heavy it can quickly fill 3-5 inches deep. Luckily it disperses quite quickly once the rain slows down. I am not feeling too bad tonight, so given a good night’s rest, I should be mostly functional tomorrow. This is quite a big change from the past, where I could carry a horrible cold, or bronchitis, for weeks. I credit the weight loss with being able to fight off these things a little better these days, but don’t really know if that effects it or not.

SoCal Rain
Back porch during a previous rain storm

Tomorrow looks like a rainy continuation of today, so I’ll probably spend most of my day working and catching up on those things I didn’t complete today. My video content slowed down over the last week for a variety of reasons and the cold did me in. I need to record at least an “In the garden…” episode and another WordPress Wednesday. I am also trying to get my Blogging 101 series off the ground, but I want to maintain the flow of these original series before I try to take on another. This is one challenge of working by and for yourself, of course. There is no one to take up the slack when you aren’t able to work at 100%. This is a big reason I find it so frustrating when I get sick. I have a rolling to-do list of 40-50 items at any one time. Some are small, 1 -step items and others are longer, more involved projects which I then break into smaller and smaller pieces. Failing to make progress on this list though doesn’t just mean I am staying in the same place. Instead, I easily fall behind because even when I am sick new to-do items keep getting added. The treadmill never ends and just keeps getting faster. I do strike some items off the list, though, when I realize I can’t do them, don’t want to do them or they have been made redundant by new items.

Me Time - PaD 1/11/07

“So now it is time to say goodbye to all our company!” One small sick day task completed. Time to go and recharge to another day of making things happen!

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73 of My Favorite Things for February 2014 – Shared links from Douglas E. Welch

February 28th, 2014 Comments off

My Favorite Things

As always, let me know what types of interesting items you would like to see and I will keep an eye out for them especially. — Douglas

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Photo: Garden Alphabet: Pineapple from the Dole Test Garden, Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii via Instagram

February 28th, 2014 Comments off

Photo: Live is essential ingredient in a great career… via Instagram

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Photo: Hawk (animated gif)

February 28th, 2014 Comments off
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In the still of the night — End of the Day for February 27, 2014

February 27th, 2014 Comments off

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The house is still now, after both boy and wife have gone to bed. I have some Jazz playing via iTunes radio, a warm cup of tea (to sooth the sore throat which appeared only an hour or so ago) and  a cat at my side. It is quiet enough to hear the ticking of the clock on the wall, the hum of the computers and even a opossum wandering around outside.

Often I end up watching something on the television at this time of night, YouTube, Netflix, or whatever, but tonight I just want some soft music and my own thoughts. The last few days have been a bit tiring as I wound up a remaining technology job and received a frantic call from a former client. It only served to remind me, not so gently, why I don’t want to do that work anymore. It is a reminder that spurs me forward to keep this transition moving forward and find new ways to serve my own needs while still making money.

I have 2 book projects I need to move forward, but they are languishing as I am in the difficult stage now of editing and re-writing. Writing it always so much easier. Looking critically at what you have written can leave you feeling a bit inadequate and I find I need to tackle it in short bursts — one small section at a time.

I saw another opening today for a “content creator” for a well known brand and researched it a bit. This type of position interests me, as it is a clear extension of what I am already doing for myself with my own columns, podcasts, essays and content curation. Of course, doing that work for someone else is entirely different in many ways from doing it for others, but I think I have the skills necessary. It would be interesting to do find work creating audio and video podcasts for someone, too. Perhaps then I would be able to have a small crew, or at least a camera/audio person instead of trying to do everything myself. That alone yields a jump in both quality of video and content. I can dream, can’t I? (LAUGH)

Hard to believe we are already at the end of another month of 2014. This year seems to be moving faster than other, recent years. This is probably due to the busy nature of all our lives. The three of us are headed in so many different directions on any given day, it can be hard to keep up sometimes. Still, busy us good. Busy is action. Busy is movement and most of it is even productive, which isn’t always the case. I feel my own busy-ness will start to turn into more and more business in the coming months, so I need to keep pushing, keep organizing and keep creating to make it happen.

Night falls over DouglasLand

Nightfall in Minecraft

For now, though, the still of the night is a wonderful place to find myself. I’ll finish writing this, sip my tea and settle into the tail end of the night content and warm, but thinking great thoughts.

Night all!

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Photo: Toonpaint Selfie via Instagram

February 27th, 2014 Comments off

Photo: Coffee and a “Brookie” at Creme Caramel LA #food via Instagram

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Photo: Gardening Books are… via Instagram

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Photo: You #1 Job… via Instagram

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