Rain, Glorious, Rain — End of the Day for February 26, 2014

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The sound of rain on the roof of the high ceiling of my home office was a welcome one when it arrived earlier this evening. Rain, especially here in California, is life. It keeps the garden alive. It keeps our water prices down (somewhat) and it washes away a lot of the grit and grime the other 9 months of year when rain is not only scarce but in most years non-existent.

Rain glorious rain

There is little chance that this rain will end our drought, but it will get us a little closer to normal rainfall and that might be the best we can hope for.

Here in Southern California we have a love/hate relationships with rain. We need it desperately but the issues it can cause often lead us to fear its arrival. Driving and traffic can get quite screwed up when it rains. People seem to forget how to drive in the rain from one season to the next. Solo spinouts, read-end collisions and even some rollovers are typical. I have seen some fairly crazy crashes in my time here, rivaling even the ice and snow skidding of my Ohio childhood. For my own part, all of the collisions I have been involved in happened on dry roads, so danger lurks at all times of the year.

We can also have issues with mudslides, especially in years where we have had many fires in the surrounding hillsides. As far as I remember, though, the number of fires has been relatively low this year. Still, it doesn’t take much rain to make the barren hillsides start to feel the effects of gravity and head downhill. The more rain, the more lubrication the mudslide has, the more momentum it gathers and the more material it can carry. I can’t say I have ever seen a mudslide unclose, although I did once come upon a house-sized boulder that had recently toppled on to Topanga Canyon Road when I was returning from Malibu, one rainy day. The videos I have seen of mudslides are terrifying enough to make me never want to be too close to one.

Rain in the Garden Video from 2013

Rain montage video from 2010

As you can tell from these videos, I am always interested when the rain arrives and usually find some way of capturing it . If it is still raining tomorrow (which the forecast calls for), I’ll probably record something, too. These are nice videos to watch on those 100+ degree days the come for weeks at a time in the heights (or depths) of a Southern California Summer.

Don’t hate the rain. Slow down when you’re driving. Stay home when you can. Stand outside and watch it come down for a while. Revel in the rain for it will be gone much too soon.


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