A Personal Question: How do I make money — and develop my new career — in 2014?

Dew 2013

A personal question from Douglas

I feel quite vulnerable as I write this, as it feels a bit too personal, a bit too close to home. I don’t usually write about myself except in fairly abstract ways or to describe specific behaviors or actions in my Career Opportunities columns. I will probably end up re-writing this post a dozen times before posting as I try to get my thoughts down in text.

Humans in general, don’t like to feel vulnerable. It triggers all sorts of fight or flight responses and that is exactly what I am feeling right now. That said, as I reach the end of one career (day-to-day computer consulting) and reach out for the beginning of a new one, I feel I want and need to turn to you, who I “talk” with all the time, and ask for your advice and assistance.

I hope you don’t mind this rather personal intrusion into the usual flow of these blogs, but the New Year is always a time of reflection and contemplation of the future and this year demands a bit more of both as I move forward. I also feel that this message is of great importance if I am to continue providing the content I have provided in the past as well as the new ideas I am working on.

I often consul readers of my Career Opportunities column and podcast to ask for help when they need it. Taking my own advice, I am now asking for your help.

How do I make money in 2014?

A bit of a confession, but one I think many of you will know already. While I feel that I do some excellent work in a variety of areas in my life, I am not very good at monetizing that work. I am at my best when I am helping others, but that often makes it difficult to place a price on that work or develop ways to support that work. While I have never been very driven to be exceedingly wealthy, money is required for the basics of life and while I can enjoy the work I do, I also need to contribute to my family and my own financial security.

That begs the question then of what will I do in my next career? If you read these blogs, listen to my podcasts, watch my videos or follow me on social media, I think you get a fairly clear idea of my strengths and weaknesses. My work is open and available to all and I hope it well represents my skills and interests. What do you see there that keeps you reading, listening and watching?

Looking at this digital representation of my life and my work, what ways do you think I could be generating more income? I am doing a few small things in regards to income like advertising and affiliate income, but what additional methods would you recommend? What service could I provide that would be worth your own money or worthy of a recommendation to your friends, family and co-workers? How could I extend and package my existing work into salable items that provide a deep value to others? Who could I/would you recommend I partner with to further build my career? Do think there is someone I should speak with who could make use of my passion and skills? 

I have seen in my career discussions with others that we often have difficulty recognizing the value of our own work. This is why I am turning to you. I think that you have a clearer picture of my work’s value than I could ever see alone. Our own views of our life and work are often too bound up in ego and fear to truly represent what is possible. I am not looking for praise (although who doesn’t appreciate that on some level) but rather I seek your thoughts and ideas how I  might serve you — and the world — better.

You can post your thoughts publicly here as comments on the blog, on any of my social media accounts or privately via email at douglas@welchwrite.com. I greatly look forward to your thoughts!


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