Home School: Evelyn Lambart and Animation: “I was always fascinated by cutouts…” via MetaFilter

Evelyn Lambart and Animation:

Stricken with hearing loss from an early age, Lambart flourished at the National Film Board, where she became the first woman animator in Canada. She collaborated with esteemed animator Norman McLaren for many years, notably on the innovative, jazzy Begone Dull Care (1949).

Lambart’s first solo film was The Impossible Map (1947), a quirky, earnest experiment with grapefruit, knives and cartography. Making Movie History: Evelyn Lambart is an excellent 5-minute doc about her career.

Lambart also used her distinctive black-background animation style in The Story of Christmas (1973). Her meticulous cutout process is shown in the NFB documentaries Eleven Moving Moments with Evelyn Lambart (see 32:00) and The Light Fantastick (see 47:00). She died in 1999.

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