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2018 - A Penguin Encounter at the Santa Barbara Zoo – Humboldt Penguin (Spheniscus humboldti) [Video] (3:23)
2018 - Beach Abstract via My Instagram
2018 - Penguin Encounter! via My Instagram
2018 - Sculpture Detail via My Instagram
Also from 2017 - Orchids
2016 - Fallen Leaves from Douglas E. Welch via Instagram [Photo]
2016 - Arabian Horse on Cal Poly Pomona Campus today for school tours #calpolypomona #college #student #horse via Instagram [Photo]
2016 - Gerbera Daisy #outdoors #nature #flowers #garden #gardenersnotebook #plants #gerberadaisy via Instagram [Photo]
2016 - American Coot #coot #bird #wildlife #animal #nature #outdoors #closeup via Instagram [Photo]
2014 - A “normal” Saturday – End of the Day for May 24, 2014

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The transformative power of doing absolutely nothing via Quartz

May 24th, 2017
Something to remember when life gets a bit too crazy. — Douglas
On a recent Sunday, I found myself overwhelmed. It was my last free day between several consecutive weekends of travel, visitors, and weddings. The morning had ticked away, and my boyfriend and I had groceries to buy, paperwork to file, a house to tidy, and something to do at Home Depot. As I contemplated how to productively use the afternoon, my chest tightened. I stepped outside for a gulp of fresh air. There, an idea struck.

“Let’s go to the beach for two hours,” I said. “Then we can do our stuff.”

I was still feeling stressed while I packed my bag, and even while we sought out a spot on the sand. But eventually—maybe when I spotted some dolphins past the breakers, or dunked into a cold, oncoming wave—the stress dissipated. I didn’t do much reading at the beach, or really much of anything. I mostly stared at the water, got wet, laid on a warm blanket, then moved to a chair. After two hours, we folded up our blanket, drove home, and divided and conquered our tasks for the rest of the afternoon. And you know what? They weren’t so painful. It was actually kind of pleasant to surrender to the rhythm of paperwork, while the sun sank lower in the window.
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