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Into 2020: California’s New Laws Starting Jan. 1, 2020 via LAist

December 27th, 2019 Comments off

Order Now – Unique Christmas Cards Exclusively from Douglas E. Welch

December 2nd, 2019 Comments off

Ghosts Of The Internet 2019: An Hour Of Spooky And Silly Halloween Listening! [Audio]

October 30th, 2019 Comments off
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Get These New Shower Curtains and Bath Mats from Douglas E. Welch Design and Photography

June 29th, 2019 Comments off

New A Gardener’s Notebook Instagram Account!

April 30th, 2019 Comments off
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Most Viewed Pages for 2017

January 19th, 2018 Comments off

Most Viewed Pages for 2017

Here are the Most Viewed Pages for 2017 on

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TechnologyIQ: Noted: 50 of the most important Raspberry Pi Senors and Components
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Stock up on totally original holiday cards from Douglas E. Welch – 20%-30% Discount

November 1st, 2017 Comments off

Join me at the Stephens College’s Citizen Jane Film Festival – Oct 26-29, 2017

October 11th, 2017 Comments off

Cj 3

Stephens College’s Citizen Jane Film Festival is fast approaching and the Stephens College MFA in Screenwriting (where my wife, Rosanne is a professor) will be out in force. Current MFA students will be presenting papers at the Festival, Stephens College will be sponsoring a production of a 5-minute film and hosting a live reading of the winner’s screenplay.

I will be covering the event for Rosanne and the Festival, so watch my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds for up-to-date information, photos and more.

Here are some of our big events:

Film School Image for Event

Citizen Jane Film School
An afternoon of educational- and fun!- film industry discussions!

Studio A @ Stephens College, 1405 E Broadway 

11:00 AM

Screen Grab: From Screenplay To Big Screen, Who Will Win?
Judges: Sarah Haas, Ken LaZebnik, Steph Scupham, Kimberly Skyrme

Screenwriters vie for an exclusive production deal pitching their films to a panel of esteemed judges. The top five entries will be discussed and critiqued live before the audience. The winner will be announced before panel’s end. Producer, Sarah Haas, awaits to bring the project to life-a screenwriter’s dream come true!

Citizen jane panel 2016

Watch last year’s session

3:30 PM 

Bold Brash Words From Bold Brash Screenwriters

Moderator: Dr. Rosanne Welch
Panelist: Amy Banks, Krista Dyson, Cara Epstein, Betsy Leighton, Laura Kirk, Sarah Whorton

The Stephens College MFA in Screenwriting Program is proud to present six of our fabulous students who will introduce the audience to six female screenwriters whose bold, brash, brilliant words have enhanced our film experience, but whose names have been left out of the textbooks. Help us write them back in and remind us all that Women Ran Hollywood once and are on their way to doing it again!

REHEARSED for Web Image

Sager Braudis Gallery, 1025 E. Walnut

Sun / Oct 29 / 1:00 PM-3:00 PM


A staged reading of this year’s Screen Grab competition winner. Experience the art of Sager-Braudis Gallery, and watch as one of Columbia’s favorite theater companies reads a short screenplay. Refreshments provided by Harold’s Doughnuts and Fretboard Coffee.

Noted: Library Extension Finds Books At Your Local Library While You Shop On Amazon via Lifehacker

January 12th, 2017 Comments off

What a great idea? Whenever I recommend books on my blog I usually link to Amazon as it is convenient source of book info and I can make a few pennies if people purchase through those links. That said, I also usually include a reminder that those same books might be available at your local library and highly encourage people to take a look there.

This extension for Chrome integrates that idea right into Amazon book pages. Once you select your local library or libraries, you see an up-to-date count of how many paper and ebooks are available at your library for a given book title. It will even link you directly to the book detail page at the library, ready for you to place a hold and, in my case, have it delivered right to my local library branch. Cool! — Douglas

Noted: Library Extension Finds Books At Your Local Library While You Shop On Amazon via Lifehacker

Read Library Extension Finds Books At Your Local Library While You Shop On Amazon via Lifehacker

Do It 2017! A Year of Making, Doing, Creating, and more!

January 12th, 2017 2 comments

Do It 2017

The holidays are a time for gathering together with friend and family AND reflecting back on the year that has past.We attended several parties over the holiday season and many other, smaller, get-togethers for drinks or dinner. In talking with everyone, one statement I heard again and again at these events was the desire to actually and concretely DO something this year.


Maybe they wanted to do more knitting or cooking or reading. Maybe they wanted to work on their new novel , take more photographs or even get more involved with politics. While the desires were quite varied, the desire to DO something was strong in everyone. Creativity is a major part of everyone’s live and when denied can lead to a life filled with dissatisfaction.

“Zorana Ivcevic measured personal growth by asking people about their continued development and realization of their potential (e.g., “In general, I feel that I continue to learn more about myself as time goes by”). She found that people who scored higher in a “creative lifestyle” (those who engaged in more creative acts in everyday life such as making a scrapbook, visiting an art museum, inventing a new recipe, and taking photographs) were significantly more likely to score high in personal growth.” – Scientific American

I know in my own personal case, when my time is completely occupied with “work” for others, I begin to feel an itch, a concern and, in some cases, an increase in feelings of depression and hopelessness. This is why, when you read my blogs, or follow me on social media, you often see a wide variety of content spanning writing, photography, music, technology, gardening and a hundred other areas. This is my defense mechanism. This is my mind screaming out for something creative, something interesting, something fun and, in some cases, something powerful in my life. I am guessing that you feel a similar pull in your life and similar results when you deny it and I feel this is why I am hearing the “create” as a mantra from so many people.

“Research has shown that creating or tending things by hand enhances mental health and makes us happy.  Dr. Kelly Lambert ( explored the relationship between hand use, current cultural habits, and mood.  She found that hands-on work satisfies our primal need to make things and could also be an antidote for our cultural malaise.” – Psychology Today


In an effort to spur my own creativity and execution of those creative ideas, I am starting this series, Do It 2017! I’ll be offering up my own experiences and 100 0177 2creative projects, interesting projects I find on the Internet, and maybe even a few interviews with others who are seeking to make something important this year.

I’d love to hear your plans for the year, too. What projects have you itching to get started? Do you need a little push to take that first step? Are you waiting on something to change in your life before pursuing these new ideas? What roadblocks — both personal and professional — stand in your way? Share your thoughts here and let’s build a supportive community of creators that can help each other move forward, even if just baby steps. I know for myself, taking action — even the smallest of actions — is often the best (and only) way of getting started. Let’s help each other take those small, concrete actions that lead to great things!

Here are a few of the projects (and general themes) I want to move forward in 2017:

  • Return to my guitar, piano and harmonica playing. Play music with others more often.
  • Create useful, cool and fun Internet of Things and other technology projects using Arduino, Raspberry PI and other technologies
  • Open a hackerspace/makerspace where I can share my creativity with other and help introduce them to the wonderful (and powerful) world of making things
  • Create other communities of like-minded people to support and challenge each other to do great thingsP7310559
  • Focus on photography more as both an artistic release and financial benefit by creating products of all sorts to bring more beauty into people’s lives
    • Aso, set up a schedule of regular photowalks to dedicate time to creating new photos
  • Find new food and recipes to add to our Recipes in Rotation
  • Travel more to both new places and places I haven’t visited in a long while. This includes some lovely places in northern California and also exotic places like Iceland.
  • Be outdoors more both in my own garden and in the amazing countryside that surrounds Los Angeles.
  • …and much more!

How about you? What are your creative desires for the coming year? How can I and all the readers here help you in your endeavor?

I’ll be posting a new idea of how I am trying to Do It! this year each week here on the blog. Subscribe here on My Word or follow me on any of my social media accounts to join in!