Piazza Mercanti, Milano, Italia via Instagram

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Piazza Mercanti, Milano, Italia via Instagram

Piazza Mercanti, Milano, Italia

From our September 2018 trip to see family and attend the SRN Conference.

Even with some buildings covered in scaffold and sheeting, this Piazza carries the weight and grandeur of its medieval origins.

After visiting Milano for a week, I wonder what it would feel like to be constantly reminded of history as you go about your normal life? Would you begin to ignore it or come to see it as something commonplace like so many of us do in our home cities. I would hope not, but I can guess they treat historic sculptures and buildings much like I treat the Hollywood Sign, film studios and Rodeo Drive. These are simply places that were always “there” and don’t cause or require any great contemplation.

We’ll be visiting another historic town in April — Oxford, England — and I’ll think more about this as I wander streets, churches and colleges that have hundreds of years of history. How do I see them differently than the locals? Or in similar ways? We shall see. 

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