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2019 - What I’m Reading: The Mueller Report – 80 in a series – “June 9, 2016 Meeting at Trump Tower”
2019 - What I’m Reading: Life and Times of Frederick Douglass – 71 in a series – “…anti-slavery friends in this country failed to see the wisdom of this commercial transaction…”
2019 - Old and New…Again via Instagram
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Second Coming of the KKK – 60 in a series – The Klan gave one of its largest donations to the Rev. Bob Jones…”
2019 - What I’m Reading: All The President’s Men – 43 in a series – “The immediate target was Post reporter Dorothy McCardle, a gentle, 68-year-old grandmotherly fixture…”
2019 - Another Porto Street via Instagram
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Anatomy of Fascism – 25 in a series – “There were neither words nor concepts for it before Mussolini’s movement…”
2019 - What I’m Reading: Race, Riots, and Roller Coasters – 22 in a series – “…threats of violence or actual violence.”
2018 - Dalek Invasion at WhoCon, San Diego via Instagram
2017 - Tuatara Mural, Dunedin, New Zealand

Home > Photos-Photography > Window abstraction #art #abstract #artistic #nature #window via Instagram [Photo]

Window abstraction #art #abstract #artistic #nature #window via Instagram [Photo]

October 19th, 2015
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