Holiday Cookie Baking Day #1: Oh, Fudge!

#alttext#Today I started baking for our annual cookie party, where I make 80-100 dozen cookies and treats for an all-day Open House. After a quick trip to the grocery to pick up final supplies and a short detour of time dedicated to putting up the outside Christmas Lights, it was time to begin.

In the past, I really only made one fudge each year. My Baker’s Chocolate-Walnut fudge comes from the inside of the Baker’s Chocolate box available in most markets. I know, I know, I am giving away all my non-secrets, but it is a decent fudge that everyone seems to like.

A few years ago I added another easy, microwave fudge from Alton Brown’s Good Eats series. Microwave Peanut Butter Fudge couldn’t be easier and it also tastes very close to the fudge I remember when I was growing up.

Finally, this year, I have added another fudge to the mix, Microwave Raspberry Fudge. This is a chocolate fudge base, very similar to the Baker’s recipe but then a second layer of fudge made from white chocolate, cream and raspberry jam is added on top. This one is so good I can easily see making it every year…and maybe at other times of the year, just for fun!

You can find complete recipes for all these fudges by clicking on their names above.

Throughout the year I have been reading many food blogs and using Google Reader to highlight and share my favorites both on Google Reader and via my Twitter and Facebook feeds. If you would like to monitor my interesting recipes, use this link — Douglas E. Welch’s Shared Recipes. If you would like to follow all my shared items, including recipes, gardening, new media, technology and more, you can use this link — Douglas E. Welch’s Shared Items.

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