Holiday Cookie Baking Day #4: Cashing in my (chocolate) chips

I had a bit more time for baking today and got back to my usual 3 batch a day habit. (SMILE)

Today’s cookie varieties included 2 familiar recipes and one new one.

I started with traditional peanut butter cookies using the trusty recipe from the Joy of Cooking cookbook. I draw on this for a lot of my recipes as this was the cookbook we had around the house growing up and also the first cookbook I turned to when I started our Cookie Party back in 1992.

I prefer this 1985 version of the cookbook instead of the 75th Anniversary Edition published in 2006 because they altered or removed several of the recipes I use every year. I have 2 copies of the cookbook, one, 2-volume paperback set with print so tiny it can make your eyes bleed and a larger, plastic spring bound version which is constantly losing pages. Even so, these are often my first place to turn when looking for basic recipes for cookies, biscuits, and a host of other foods.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Once the peanut butter cookies were in the oven I got to work on the very traditional Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is one of the big favorites at the party, probably because they are so familiar and also because, despite that familiarity, most people won’t make them for themselves. We all love a good, homemade chocolate chip cookie so I am always happy to provide them.

The 3rd recipe for today was a new one, Eggnog Meltaways, which I discovered on the Sugarcrafter blog.

i love the taste of eggnog and while the taste of these cookies is subtle, I think it might become a regular part of the cookie party. I have found over the years that it is difficult to flavor a cookie or fudge with enough flavor to really be noticeable without using flavored extracts or artificial flavors, but I still keep trying.

Eggnog Meltaways

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