Troubleshooting: Powerpress Plugin vs. PushPress Plugin – Disappearing podcast links

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I was having a difficult time releasing my latest gardening podcast last night. The PowerPress plugin I use from was silly refusing to accept a podcast enclosure link. I could past in the URL of the media file, click verify to assure the file existed and press Update on the WordPress post, but once that complete the enclosure information would be gone. It was very frustrating.

I could see that the PowerPress plugin was working on my other blogs and even on past posts to the garden blog, so it looked like something that had changed recently. I try to keep all my WordPress plugins up-to-date to prevent malicious attacks on my blog, but it looks like this time an update had broken something else. In this case, an older plugin, unrelated to PowerPress itself, was the culprit.

After quite a long time trying various searches for an explanation, I finally came across this post — “PowerPress Media URLS keep vanishing” on the Forums.  It seems that the plugin PushPress was no longer compatible with newer versions of WordPress and it was interfering with the PowerPress plugin in some way. Sure enough, deactivating the PushPress plugin cleared up the problem and allowed me to, once again, post my podcasts.

I am posting this in hopes that if and when someone else runs into this problem, my post will be easier for them to find during their search for a solution.

Link: PowerPress plugin from

3 thoughts on “Troubleshooting: Powerpress Plugin vs. PushPress Plugin – Disappearing podcast links

  1. Douglas

    Thanks for posting this glad you found the solution, we do not run into incompatible plugins and I know Angleo tries to code around them if we can sometimes it’s impossible. Todd..

  2. I work on solutions to problems like these for plugins that are actively maintained. Unfortunately PushPress hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, a lot of WordPress versions have been released since March of 2010.

    I made that rule a couple years ago when I investigated a problem with another plugin that I eventually found out was not compatible with WordPress 2.0. A lot of plugins end up abandoned, sorry to say.

  3. I understand entirely. Plugins have a lifecycle.

    I wish sometimes that creators would notify people when something hits the end of its development. It would help greatly to avoid issues like this.

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