Green onion seeds gathered and now, sprouted

I have been gathering seeds from my green onions that went to seed in a container a while ago. I had tried to scatter some of them in the garden, to see if they would sprout, but nothing came up — probably due to simply not getting enough water.

This week I took the time to plant some of them in a small container and placed it near the back steps, where it would get constant attention and water. Sure enough, in this more coddled environment, I noticed today that they had started to sprout.

This tells me that, at least, the seeds are viable, which I wasn’t sure about. I think when our Fall and Winter rains come (hopefully) I will scatter more of the seed in the garden proper and see if that gives them enough moisture to fully sprout and grow.

These allium flowers were a happy accident caused when I didn’t harvest all of the green onions when they were young. Since the flowers are so pretty — and the bees seem to absolutely love them — I am more than happy to grow them as an ornamental here in the garden, too.

Green onion seeds

Seeds gathered for green onion (allium) plants

Green onions sprouting

Green onion seeds germinated and sprouting in container

You can see how much the bees loved these flowers in this video

This video shows me gathering the seeds used in this planting

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New Facebook Page: Captivating Cactus and Striking Succulents

I am setting up some pages for various affinity groups based around particular plants or groups of plants, in this case, Cactus and Succulents.

Join me here – Captivating Cactus and Striking Succulents — on Facebook

Cactus suculent fb

Additionally, I have also set up Dazzling Dahlias

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Torre And Tagus French Bulldog Watering Can

 Torre And Tagus French Bulldog Watering Can

Too cute not to share, especially if you are a dog lover (or French Bulldog, lover, specifically)

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