Episode 2, in the can…

Mortgages Made Simple LogoRick Gundzik and I recorded Episode 2 of Mortgages Made Simple today, doing it remotely instead of in-person as we did with show #1. Rick lives about 45 miles away in Orange County, so getting together for every show really isn’t feasible, but through the wonders of Gizmo, we connected up and did a traditional “double-ender”.


This is a method where each participant records their own end of the conversation and then one person sends there file to the other for editing and mix-down. This gives you the highest quality recording, even when you can’t be in the same room. Rick recorded with a headset mic directly into Audacity while I recorded with my traditional podcast rig here in the office. He then bundled up his file as an MP3 and uploaded it to his ftp site. From there, I downloaded the files, laid them into Garageband and started editing. While there weren’t a large number of edits in this piece, I did have to compensate for the lag when using Gizmo. This lag causes odd pauses and such, so I had to adjust each track, Rick’s and mine, a bit to make it sound right.

Putting it together 

After that was edits, I added in 2 segments we recorded together last Sunday, added the intro and outro, output as MP3 and uploaded to the site for Rick’s approval. Once he gives me his notes, I will make any changes, then upload the final to be linked in the blog post on Sunday or Monday of next week to release the show.

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