New Podcast Project: Mortgages Made Simple with Rick Gundzik

Douglas E. Welch and Rick Gundzik
Podcasting projects are moving forward here at WelchWrite and this weekend I helped launch a new podcast for my close friend, Rick Gundzik.On Sunday, we posted the first episode of Mortgages Made Simple, Rick’s blog and podcast that is designed to help everyone get the best mortgage possible when buying their home or refinancing.

Rick has been instrumental in my own homebuying over the years, leading my wife and I through this somewhat tortuous process and helping me to avoid garbage fees, bad loans and unscrupulous tactics. I have always thought he had a lot of great information to share, so I am very happy to help him share it with others.

I am acting as Rick’s producer and sometimes co-host on this project. We are planning weekly shows on a wide variety of topics, including some LIVE shows via where callers and chatters can get their questions answered “on the air.”

If you need help with your home search and mortgage, check out Mortgages Made Simple with Rick Gundzik. I know from personal experience how helpful it can be.

Link: Mortgages Made Simple with Rick GundzikSubscribe

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* You can hear my earlier interview with Rick Gundzik on Career Opportunities

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