Live Event Project – First Draft to Final Approval

Today was a work day at home, splitting the one large recording from last Wednesday’s LIVE event into individual parts, in preparation for building individual podcasts.

Working with my wife, we selected some appropriate music, chose and interesting reader to use as a test and prepared a First Draft podcast to deliver for notes. It is my intention to create a standard intro and outro for these podcasts and then assemble that with the audio from each individual reader.

Imagine my happy dance when the customer came back with NO NOTES on the initial podcast.  This doesn’t happen on many projects, regardless of the work being done, so I am feeling very good. I have already completed another of the sessions and will process the remaining 16 this week. We are heading out to a project in Missouri on July 7, so I want to have the project completed and invoice sent before we go.

I will post here as soon as the audio goes live on the client’s site, so you can finally hear what I have been writing about these last few weeks.

As far the future, there is another event by this customer which could use the same treatment we used for this project…recording, editing and podcast production…so I am going to pitch that project to them a little later this summer.

Another short project update…

My other project, Mortgages Made Simple with Rick Gundzik, just released its 3rd episode and a 4th is almost completed. We have settled into a nice rhythm and I am producing the show remotely — recording via Skype or Gizmo as a “double-ender” and assembling in my office here. It seems to be working well and we will probably be scheduling a live show, via, sometime in June July

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