Douglas interviewed by The Red Fence Project

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Back on May 20, 2006, myself and Dan Klass, producer and star of The Bitterest Pill were interviewed by the Red Fence Project web site. It has taken a while to appear, but it is great to see this 12 minute video that resulted. We talk about podcasting, and have a little fun while we are at it.

From the Red Fence Project web site…

RedFence is the natural artistic outpouring of a Los Angeles-based community of artists, adventurers and thinkers. They have pooled their considerable talents and modest resources to create and its printed counterpart RedFence Magazine. Here you will find original works from some of the freshest voices in the creative world. Any medium, from paint to poetry, and film stock to the written word, may find a home among us. You will also discover critiques and reviews of the best creative works our roving minds can unearth, as well a glimpse into our thriving culture of creativity.”

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