Pizza at Slice House by Tony Gemignani, Thousand Oaks, California [Food]

As many of you know, pizza is one of my favorite foods. Lately, we have been taking advantage of our Cousin Michael’s expertise as part of the US Pizza Team to check out Slice House by Tony Gemignani in Thousand Oaks. (Also in Simi Valley). Gemignani is also the man behind the Pizza Rock franchises in Las Vegas, where Rosanne was able to sample some of their pasta during a business trip back in April.

(Top Left to Lower Right: Veggie, Traditional, Sweet Gina, Pepperoni)

The traditional was a Sicilian-style crust with pepperoni and sausage and the Pepperoni was exactly what it says on the wrapper. My main goal was to check out the different crusts which were both excellent, with the Traditional coming out ahead due to its fluffiness and ultra-crisp crust.

The Veggie was chock full of the usual veg including green and red peppers, mushrooms, olives and more. The Sweet Gina was also a Sicilian-style crust with simple toppings of sauce and cheese. it must have been tasty too, as Rosanne ate both completely — something she does not usually do.

For us, Slice House by Tony Gemignani is a step above the usual neighborhood pizza parlors, as much as we might like them as well. The sauces were spicy, not sweet, which I prefer, the thin sliced pepperoni gets a crunchy edge all around (Yum!), and both crusts were flavorful with an awesome bite to them.

It was a bit of a drive to get pizza, but we will make a point to stop by again whenever we are in the area.

Cousin Mike Says…

Tony Gemignani is the absolute King of all things pizza! So glad you guys were able to try it!! Since you love tinkering around with pizza you should check out Tony’s book The Pizza Bible! I am positive you will create something amazing using some of the dough recipes.

You can try out Tony’s recipes in your own home by checking out his book, The Pizza Bible

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