What I’m Reading: Dead Men Don’t Ski by Patricia Moyes: Henry Tibbet #1

What I'm Reading: Dead Men Don't Ski by Patricia Moyes: Henry Tibbet #1

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This entire series from the 1960s was re-released a few years ago and I discovered it a few months back. Since then I have been plowing through the entire series book after book. It is just my type of English mystery/police procedural. The characters of Henry, his wife Emmy, an enjoyable company throughout each adventure, and the mysteries are complicated and puzzling each time. I just started book #8 and look forward to however many remain in the series.

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Are you craving Christie? Yearning for a plot? Whimpering softly into your teacup about the days when one could count on a nice civilized, mannerly sort of murder, with a sleuth who was reasonably free of neuroses and substance addictions? Patricia Moyes to the rescue! In Dead Men Don’t Ski she introduces Inspector Henry Tibbett, a blissfully ordinary English copper with a pleasantly plump wife and a nose for the bad guys. Sadly for Henry (but happily for us) that nose has a knack of ruining his vacations. In Dead Men, he and Emmy are headed for the Italian Dolomites, ready for a spot of skiing and some first-class people-watching, all those athletic youngsters in their swanky late-1950s ski outfits. It’s all very “Mad Men” until one dead body turns up, and then another, and it becomes clear that Murder has come to the mountain.

You can read this book — and many others — as I did, at my local public library. My edition was the Kindle version downloaded for free from the LA Public Library. Services such as this make reading easier than ever. Check it out out your local library today!

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