Do It 2017!: #6 A Bias Towards Action and Being The Good Example

Do It 2017#6 A Bias Towards Action and Being The Good Example

One phrase that drives my creative life — and my life as a whole — is to always have a bias towards action. When life is confusing, worrisome, sad or dark, I find that doing something is always my solace.

Why? Well, to be as honest as I can be, I can be a moody, depressive, SOB at times. My normal(?) thoughts are pessimistic and worrisome. For me, this means if I am not careful — very careful — I can be overwhelmed and overdriven by the people and events around me. Something as simple and common as a couple having a quiet, if obvious, argument nearby can make me just as badly as if I were participating in the argument.

Knowing this about myself means that I have to have methods of controlling my downward spirals and a bias towards action is one of them. For me, being trapped in indecision affects me deeply, and in many cases, even physically. There is a tightness in my chest, an increasing pulse and a general feeling of anxiety that won’t go away. One of the few things that can help to alleviate this feeling is doing something.

Deciding to Decide

Even though I might not be able to make a particular decision or change a particular situation now, doing something about that decision can help — and “Deciding to Decide” is better than nothing. Much better, in my case.

The same can be said for bad situations. While burying myself in a project can have the immediate effect of isolating me from an uncomfortable situation, the act of doing also calms me mentally and physically. Doing something, nearly anything lightens my spirit and keeps me on the road to productivity and creativity instead of descending into the depths that my mind can conjure. Left to its own devices, my mind will create almost unimaginable horrors, if I let it.

Do something — good

When I am driven to action, though, I try to take the next step and also think about doing some good with my actions. Sometimes this takes the simple form of creating something beautiful when the world is rather ugly. I tend to not get involved in online arguments about politics or policy (unless pushed to action by the outrageous), but instead, I make a point of being a bit a beauty — a bit of light — in an otherwise dark world.

Look at my social media feeds, especially Instagram, and you’ll see little hint of whatever turmoil I am feeling in my life today. Instead, I use these sites as a salve for both my own and, hopefully, my readers/followers, souls. Whatever news surrounds my posts, I hope that my posts bring a smile or sense of happiness, if only for a moment. I know that these are the people I seek out in my own feeds and I try to do likewise.

Be The Good Example

In fact, in all my creative pursuits, I try to be the beauty, the change, the “good example”, that I can be. I believe that no matter the state of the world, our neighborhood, or our lives, we can also strive to provide a good example to others. This is the simplest, straightforward power we have and should never relinquish. No matter how crazy things get, create — and create something good, however, you might define it for yourself.

I know that, for me, creativity — making, taking action, building, drawing, painting, whatever you might do — is an important part of making the life that I want to live and, hopefully, making the lives of others just a little bit better.

What are you creating? What good example are you providing? How are you making the world a better place? For yourself and  others?


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