Tonight at 8pm EST on #KitchenParty: How to Prevent a Super Bowl Party Fail with Sara O’Donnell,

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With Super Bowl around the corner, you’re bound to get overwhelmed with feeding a crowd and will likely screw it up. Join us this week on Kitchen Party (Thursday, Jan. 31st)… we’re chatting with the hilarious Sara O’Donnell, executive producer and host of the popular youtube cooking series about seven ways to completely mess up your party and how not to do them.

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About our Guest: 

Sara O’Donnell is the executive producer and host of a web series called Average Betty on Youtube. Average Betty videos and recipes create a positive environment for the exploration of all foods. From not-so-secret family recipes to the kitchens of James Beard Award winning chefs and all the morsels in between, Average Betty uncovers the treasures and chuckles that surround good food.

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