Food: Video: Chocolate Porter Bundt Cake recipe for #KitchenParty Live – December 13, 2012

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I went looking for a recipe like this so I could bake up something special for the #KitchenParty LIVE show on December 13, 2012. The theme is Beer and Food, and I had been wanting to make a porter cake for a while, so I used the happy coincidence to my advantage.

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You can find the recipe for this cake on Chocolate Porter Bundt Cake

I made my version of this cale with Stone Smoked Porter from the Stone Brewery near Escondido, California. My ffriends brought backa growler’s worth from their recent visit to the brewery.

The combination of the cocoa and the porter quickly had the house filled with an amazing aroma. My wife commented on the smell 3 times while it was baking. This cake is destined for her office party tomorrow, but I will be making another for a friend’s party next week.

The original recipe called foe a porter-chocolate glaze, but I don’t really think the cake needs it for everyday consumption. I might make it for the party, though, to dress it up a bit.

Music: “Slow Burn” by Ken MacLeod ( provided under Creative Commons License

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