Quora: What are some easy tricks to fall asleep fast?

Question from Quora.com: What are some easy tricks to fall asleep fast?

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My Answer…

When I am having particular trouble falling asleep I start to do something repetitive to keep my mind from running away.

This can include repeating one word over and over, focusing on my breathing or, in particularly bad cases, opening my eyes and focusing on some point of light in the room.

When in college, there used to be a radio tower visible from my window while I was lying in bed. I would watch the slowly pulsing red aircraft warning light throw half-open eyes and would often find myself drifting of to sleep without really noticing it.

I think the most important thing is to distract your running mind, if this the main cause of sleeplessness, as it can take you down dark and anxiety filled roads if allowed.

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