Science Sunday: Photos from Annular Solar Eclipse taken in Van Nuys todays

At the end of a Neighborhood Watch Meeting today I announced that I had eclipse viewers to share so people could take a gander at today’s annular solar eclipse. That, along with a large party at the neighbors and the fact that I was standing in my front yard pointing a camera and my own eyes at the sun, led to us having about 20 people stop by to take a look.

I think science is very, very cool and it was great to help people enjoy something so scientifically special in their own front yards. This is especially true for the kids. I loved that the first words out of their mouths — and most of the adults too — was COOL! Hopefully this will stick with them when they are older and wondering what science really has to offer them in life.

Here are few of the photos I tried to capture. It is very difficult to shoot an eclipse, even with the special filters provided by my eclipse-watching expert friend, Michael. I really don’t have a big enough telephoto lens to create a very large image of the eclipse, but what I caught I think came out very well.

Annular Solar eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse - Annular Solar EclipseAnnular Solar EclipseAnullar Solar Eclipse

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