Local: Sherman Oaks Fashion Square opens new Dining Terrace

The new dining terrace of the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square is a big improvement over the dark, loud room that it used to be. It is also now twice as large. The dining options haven’t changed significantly, although the new Stone Oven branch seemed to be doing the biggest business today at lunch.

The new decor has made it much brighter inside with a cool, modern aesthetic. The new restrooms, and access to them, are by far the best change. You used to have to go down a long, dank, back hallway to access shabby restrooms. Now the newly designed restrooms are accessible directly off the main dining area.

I could foresee meeting a group of friends a the large round tables in the new section for a coffee and a chat some evening. There is also a new kid’s size section with lowered tables and chairs for the young set.

New Dining Terrace at Sherman Oaks Fashion Square

New Dining Terrace at Sherman Oaks Fashion Square

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