Video: Work with your musician friends from New Media Q&A 2015 with Douglas E. Welch

A clip from this longer presentation — New Media Q&A 2015 for UCLA Extension Voiceover Class. Watch the entire presentation here!

Douglas answers questions from students in Janet Wilcox’s online Voiceover class at UCLA Extension.

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Also, and this is another great idea, because it ties into the collaborative nature of new media, go to your friends. Do you have musician friends? Do they have a band? Do they write songs? Do they write music? Have them write something for your podcast. Have them play something that they have already written before and then have them give you rights to use that music in your podcast. They can sign a simple piece of paper that says, “I give you rights to use this in your podcast.” They sign it, you’re protected. That is a great way of sharing the wealth of new media. You’re exposing their music to your audience and your audience, in a lot of ways, is being exposed to their audience, because, what are they going to do? If you use their music in your podcast, they’re going to refer their audience over to you and say, “My song is in this podcast. You should go check it out.” What could be better? Share the wealth. Avoid copyright problems. Don’t use mainstream pop music, videos and other things in your work. You’ll get dinged for it. YouTube will ding you automatically. There is an automated system called Content ID that will simply mute the audio on your video, which, of course, is going to have a very huge, detrimental effect. So, don’t do it. Avoid it whenever you can and if you do want to use something that copyright, get permission before. Do whatever you have to do, so that you’re free and clear on that and you’re not going to run into problems with legal fees. lawsuits, any of that stuff down the road. Don’t do it. Save yourself the trouble and do it right, right from the very beginning.  

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