Video: New Media Freedom from New Media Q&A 2015 with Douglas E. Welch

A clip from this longer presentation — New Media Q&A 2015 for UCLA Extension Voiceover Class. Watch the entire presentation here!

Douglas answers questions from students in Janet Wilcox’s online Voiceover class at UCLA Extension.



One of the great things about podcasting and other forms of New Media is that they can be whatever you want them to be. That’s part of the joy and the wonder of podcasting is we’re freed from a lot of constraints that were placed on us by, really, the technology that was available on the early radio and television industry. We’re set free form that. We can deliver our shows, pretty much around the world to anyone who might want them, so finding your audience is basically a case of finding what you’re interested in and sharing that with the world and in most cases, your audience is going to find you.

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