Noted: Micromuff wind guard via Kevin Kelly

Micromuff Wind Guard via Kevin Kelly

I have made something similar by rubber banding the wind guard from my Zoom H2 over the built-in mic on my camcorder, so I know it is possible for something like this to work. Wind can still get under the guard unless you hold it just right and that could be an issue here, too. When it does work, though, it works really well, cutting out the wind noise even on a moving power boat. — Douglas


I use a small camera (Cisco Flip) to take video. It’s great for what I do, except small amounts of wind cause a lot of noise.

That’s where Micromuff helps. You have a small Velcro patch that glues to your camera, and a wind muff that attaches to the Velcro. I’ve been using MicroMuff Original for about six months, and it’s brilliant. I can hear people talking, not wind blowing.

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