New Media Gear 23: Zoom iQ5B Condenser Microphone

New Media Gear 23: Zoom iQ5B Condenser Microphone

Zoom iq5 Review from Mac Life Magazine

I have used iPod and iPhone connected microphones before, so when I saw the Zoom iQ5 mentioned in MacLife magazine, I thought I would do a little more research into it. I hadn’t paid much attention when it was first released, as I didn’t have the iPhone necessary to use it. With the release of new iPhones this year, though, I will probably be upgrading.

Any quality device that can help reduce the amount of “stuff” you have to carry around is always worth  look — and listen. Reviews on Amazon are good overall, although some list alternatives that they preferred. If I was doing a lot of field work, or finding myself grabbing interviews on the fly, I might consider something like this, although I need to upgrade my iPhone first as this requires the new Lightning connector.

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