Dog Days of Podcasting – Halfway There! – What are your thoughts?

So, as of today we are 15 days into the Dog Days of Podcasting Challenge. It has been somewhat easier than I thought, as I have a number of shows I try to produce regularly, so I only have to fill the holes that remain. Still, it as also gotten me moving on some ideas I have had for a long time.

Today’s podcast, MineFull – A Minecraft Let’s Play, has been in my mind for a long time, but I never had enough motivation to get moving on it. Things always seemed to get in the way and the thought of doing a podcast about playing a game seemed a bit frivolous. That said, it is a different form of podcast than anything I have done in the past, so it is a great stretch of my podcasting muscles. 

I had also been meaning to do many more interviews for all the podcasts, but most especially Career Opportunities. I think it is so important to introduce readers and listeners to new people, new jobs, new careers and new ideas in order to help them grow. Again, the Dog Days finally got me moving on that project, along with some new equipment that was purchased for producing a series of videos for a client. I now have a better video camera, better mics and, most importantly, some decent lighting for shooting indoors, especially for interviews. I have recorded 3 interviews so far and will record another one today. I will probably be releasing them once per week for the next several weeks.


I thought at the beginning of the challenge I might have to fill in with more stream-of-conciousness audio podcasts in order to fill all the podcast slots, but that hasn’t happened. That said, I may still do some of those merely as a way of playing around and showing the possibilities of Podcasting and New Media.

Listen to “What you SHOULD be sharing in your social media feeds!” from Career Opportunities


Of course, now I want to hear what you think about the Dog Days of Podcasting Challenge as we head into the downhill portion of the month. Has it been illuminating, boring, challenging, frightening, enlightening? Have you listened to or watched other podcasters who are taking the challenge? You can find all our podcasts over the on Dog Days of Podcasting web site and associated RSS feed. You can even subscribe to the feed and have each days podcasts automatically downloaded and moved to your iTunes, iPod,  iPhone or iPad.

Leave some comments to tell me what you think AND what you’d like to see and hear in the next 15 days of the Dog Days of Podcasting Challenge!

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