Subscribed 012: Engadget

Starting today on “Subscribed” I am going to begin highlighting some of the blogs and web sites where I am subscribed. These subscriptions are my lifeline to the world and have easily taken the place of all the print magazines I used to read each week.



The first blog to highlight is Engadget, a large web site and part of the AOL Tech brand. While I usually subscribe to smaller blogs, for tech news and information I have many of the larger blogs in my list, too. Mainly this is due to the fact that they have the budget and time to cover the wide field of technology and give an overview of what is happening there.

Looking over my Google Reader stats, I find that I regularly “star” items from Engadget and often use them as jumping off points for my own blog posts. Any site that regularly provides good information and makes me think is going to find a place in my subscriptions list.

Engadget also has a YouTube Channel…

Can’t see the playlist above? Watch it on YouTube.

What are some of your favorite Subscriptions? Share them here in the comments!

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