My Citizen Jane Film Festival Day 1 Re-Cap

I worked as a volunteer social media reporter for the Citizen Jane Film Festival last weekend and here is a clip and link to my Day 1 re-Cap posted on their blog. — Douglas

I must admit I am a little bleary-eyed as I type, but it is all because my day at the Citizen Jane Film Festival was full to the brim with great people, great experiences, and great information. While films are certainly the focus of Citizen Jane, the CJ Film School day was all about learning.Screen Grab: From Screenplay To Big Screen, Who Will Win?

The morning started with “Screen Grab,” during which 5 screenwriting finalists were selected to give their pitches for 5-minute films to a panel of filmmaking experts, including Sarah Haas, Steph Scupham, Kimberly Skyrme and Ken LaZebnik, Director of the Stephens College MFA in Screenwriting program which operates out of Los Angeles. The winner of Screen Grab will have their film produced, receive a $250 award, and also receive a table read by the local Greenhouse Theatre Project on the last day of the Festival.

Screen grab award


Bold Brash Words From Bold Brash Screenwriters

The final session of CJ Film School had Dr. Rosanne Welch, Professor of Screenwriting History for the Stephens College MFA in Screenwriting, host 6 of her current and former students as they presented short profiles of various female screenwriters. Too often the history and careers of screenwriters, especially women, are lost in the passage of time. As part of class, each student selects a woman screenwriter and develops a paper and presentation highlighting their career. This is the second year MFA students have participated at Citizen Jane.


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Filmmakers and actor from the short films shown as part of Emerging Voice screening at Stephens College’s Citizen Jane Film Festival


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