Video: #KitchenParty: #Beer Chat w/ the Founders of – Recorded Version


This week on #KitchenParty: #Beer Chat w/ the Founders of


This week on Kitchen Party.. let’s talk beer with Austin’s best indie beer blog Co-founders Caroline Wallace and Holly Aker and writer Nat McCullough will be joining us from Austin to share their favorite beer pairings and talk about indie beer trends. If you love beer or simply want to hang out with our crew and have a great time… join us tonight at 8pm eastern / 5 pm pacific.

TO WATCH THE SHOW: At 8pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific, please refresh the page or click play to watch our show live. You can post to twitter on the right or post to facebook below if you have questions. Follow the conversation on twitter by using #kitchenparty. Can’t wait until this party starts! Once the show starts, please click on the video to start the video feed. The google hangout does not start automatically.

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