Douglas quoted in “Behind the Knife” cooking blog today

I am quoted today in this blog post from “Behind the Knife”…

Burning Questions: Can I Buy at a Restaurant Supply Store If I’m Not a Chef? Part Three
from Behind the Knife by Lisa Rogak

And more great ideas:

… Next, Douglas Welch of Los Angeles is a home cook who regularly shops at his local restaurant supply store for everything from cardboard cake rounds to share his baked goods with friends to restaurant-quality knives and large stockpots for making 20 quarts of chili for his annual Christmas party.

“My best advice is to buy in the mid-range of price,” he says. “Most home cooks can make great advantage of restaurant supply items without paying the premium that a restaurant chef might pay. Avoid flashy gadgets both big and small. Not everyone needs a ice cream freezer capable of making 4 quarts at a time. Finally, look for those things — like cake rounds and parchment paper squares — that make life in the kitchen just a little bit easier.”…

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