Subscribed 54: Music from Kevin MacLeod for all your New Media projects

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If you have listened to or watched any of my podcasts or YouTube videos then you have heard a lot of Kevin MacLeod’s music. In fact, if you watch anything on YouTube, chances are you have heard it, too. Kevin is one of the foremost providers of music tracks for YouTube publishers around the world. I first discovered his work via the Minecraft Let’s Play videos that I watched and quickly adopted him as my own music provider.

Listen to one one of his latest tracks

Kevin provides all his music, for free, under a Creative Commons license — but he wouldn’t be adverse to a few dollars either. (SMILE) I sent him a lump sum payment myself to thank him for his creativity and music and help ensure that more tracks keep coming. Kevin also does composing on commission for video games, stage musicals and film.

You can subscribe to Kevin’s latest music release in a number of ways. First, he posts all new tracks to his blog at 

Kevin also recently wrote a great blog post on selecting music for your book trailer — Book Trailer 101 — which has some great advice.

Incompetech blog

As you can see here, Kevin also has a presence on Soundcloud and YouTube. You can also subscribe to these channels to hear all his latest releases.

What are some of your favorite Subscriptions? Share them here in the comments!

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