Recently Listened Podcast for March 14, 2011

Woolly Mammoths For Sale
Stuff To Blow Your Mind

You haven’t misread the title; rest assured that woolly mammoths are still extinct. However, there are several scientists trying revive mammoths — and they might just succeed. Tune in to learn more about mammoth cloning.

Phil Gerbyshak on Twitterworks – Part 2
The Bigg Success Show
The Bigg Success Show
Life On Your Own Terms

Basic Blacksmithing on CRAFT (video)
MAKE Magazine
Becky Stern
In this week’s CRAFT Video, Meg Allan Cole and I took a trip to Brooklyn’s She-Weld studio for a special blacksmithing lesson from Alex Himmelbaum. He showed us how to taper and decoratively curl the end of a steel rod and rivet it to a hammer

How to make cheese : GardenFork.TV
GardenFork.TV Cooking, DIY, & more

www.GardenFork.TV I’ve always wanted to make cheese, so I researched a bunch of soft cheese recipes, fresh ricotta recipes, and queso blanco cheese recipes. And we made a how to video on how to make soft cheese. Soft cheese like the kind we made is not of

TEDTalks : Courtney Martin: Reinventing feminism – Courtney E. Martin (2010)
TEDTalks (video)
Courtney E. Martin
Courtney Martin: Reinventing feminism

Musical Hallucinations Gone Wild
Stuff To Blow Your Mind
Have you ever had a musical hallucination? Not a song stuck in your head – but a genuine hallucination, real enough to completely fool your senses? Join Robert and Julie as they explore the causes of musical hallucinations.

022511 Hour 1: Neurons, Cell Phone and the Brain, 3rd Arm Illusion, Visual Attention
Science Friday Audio Podcast
Science Friday
022511 Hour 1: Neurons, Cell Phone and the Brain, 3rd Arm Illusion, Visual Attention

CLR2: Scott Belsky & riCardo Crespo
Creative Leader Roundtable – Todd Henry
In the inaugural episode of Creative Leader Roundtable, Scott Belsky (CEO of Behance and author of Making Ideas Happen) and riCardo Crespo (SVP & Global Creative Lead at 20th Century Fox) share their insights into what makes a creative team effective a…

Farro Salad, Special episode from SoBe WFF 2011
Under The Tuscan Gun

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is without a doubt the biggest food event in the US. Debi and I were honored to attend!This is a short recipe for a Farro Salad we prepared for “The Best Thing I Ever Ate at The Beach” event, come grab the full recip

Poppin’ Some Clarity & Trippin’ Them Circuits! – Film Riot
Film Riot (Quicktime Large)

After getting a lot of questions asking for some elaboration on a few of the answers given lately… Ryan decides to roll out a little clarity on things like SD cards, PAR lights and 24p conversions.

IOT: The Age of the Universe 03 Mar 11
In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg
BBC Radio 4
Melvin Bragg dicusses the Age of the Universe, with Martin Rees, Carolin Crawford and Carlos Frenk….

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