Start Podcasting in Minutes using

Utterz Screen ShotI have been playing around with a new, free service called and I quickly realized that it can be used to create an instant podcast by anyone who wants to try a podcast without jumping through a lot of hoops. Here’s what to do:

  • Create an account at and follow the instructions to connect it to your cell phone or landline
  • Call in and make your first post
  • After you make you first post you can upload text, video or pictures from your phone or the web site to annotate your post
  • People can subscribe to your Utterz, either though the web site or using iTunes by subscribing to the RSS feed listed at the top of your MyUtterz page

What could be simpler than that?

Of course, if you already have a web site, or accounts on social networking sites, like Facebook, you can have Utterz post your Utterz automatically, so all your friends can find them wherever it is convenient for them.

If you have ever wanted to try out podcasting, for free, take a look at Utterz and have fun!

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