Life keeps piling up – End of the Day for july 25, 2014

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It is rare we are struck with any large, insurmountable issues in our lives — thank goodness — but there are days when all the little issues, quirks, breakages, minor inconveniences can really add up into something that weighs down your shoulders and makes you not want to do anything. I experience this off and on and seem to feel it more than others. They can’t understand how I am feeling beat up by minor issues, but for me, enough minor issues can easily add up to a major issue. They drag me down, tired me out and make it more difficult to do what needs to be done. This creates a viscous cycle that can spin ever more rapidly and ever more deeply downward.

The worst part is that many of these smaller problems aren’t caused by me. Appliances wear out. Cars develop troubles. Projects don’t work out. Deliveries don’t arrive. Yes, sometimes I make my own problems, which I tend to take pretty hard, but with issues out of my control, I don’t even have anyone to blame. We all know that blame makes everything easier, right? (LAUGH)

When life gets a little crazy around here I know it is time to take a walk, go to the park, visit the pub, read a good book — anything that helps take my mind of these little, inconvenient, but completely vexing issues that must be dealt with. Taking action against the problems is an important part of that, though. You have to make some action towards making the problem go away before you take a break. Work, reward. Work, reward. It is a virtuous cycle that helps you get things done while also keeping your sanity.

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An “enforced” break from my problems

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